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International Talent Certification Management Center
International Talent Certification Management Center
(ITCMC or ITC for short)
Global headquarters are in London, England,
After the British government approved the legal registration,
Is a British international talent management certification center,
Is the world's most authoritative and professional one of the international talent certification management system,
As we all know, the United Kingdom is the birthplace of modern certification system,
The modernization of the most authoritative and most professional international talent certification system from the United Kingdom.
The International Talent Accreditation Administration System is a member state department of the United Nations that studies international talent certification agencies in the fields of culture, arts, education, science and technology.
The company is located in:
ITCMC British Talent Management Center Strengths:
(1) ITCMC certificate is a certificate of professional qualifications, professional skills, operational experience, practical ability;
(2) ITCMC certificate is common certification of international and domestic companies and school training and education institutions, accreditation bodies, has a highly professional level of future career full recognition;
(3) The ITCMC certificate complies with the professional standards of international standards and proves that it certifies the study of a profession, profession, professional operation and professional skills;
(4) The ITCMC certificate possesses the professional qualifications recognized by the international authorities and at the same time shows its competence, practical experience and ability level;
(5) ITCMC is an internationally recognized certificate, advanced certificate, foreign university institutions ITCMC cooperation Exemption IELTS TOEFL into preparatory classes, cooperative enterprises use when a work permit, which is a gold medal certificate path to success is! Is a professional international pass!
ITCMC International Certification Center of the United Nations cultural arts education, science and technology sector and culture, art, education, science and technology institutions in Member States to discuss international regulatory agencies on issues in the field of culture, art, education, science and technology and so on, as of January 2018, there Nearly 130 member countries of the United Nations. Management Center peripherals 30 offices, six central departments. Throughout the Asia-Pacific region, the Nordic region, Eastern Europe, Western Europe region, North America, South America, Australia region, Africa, Middle East and other places, Hong Kong, China is ITCMC Asia-Pacific Management Center, established in 1996, and in 2001 in Shenzhen Establishment of ITCMC China authorized management center.