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British International Talent Certification Management Center
UK International Talent Management Center Examination Board
International Talent Certification Management Center
(Referred to as ITCMC of ITC), the world's headquarters in London, England, the British government approved the legal registration of the British international talent management certification center is the world's most authoritative and professional one of the international talent certification management system; we all know, the United Kingdom is a modern certification system The birthplace, and the most authoritative modern most professional international talent certification system from the United Kingdom.
ITCMC International Certification Management Center is a member of the UN Member States to study cultural, arts, education, science and technology and other fields of international talent certification management agencies; participating ITCMC certification system has nearly more than 130 member states of the United Nations, cooperative institutions around the world, Including the United Kingdom Huddersfield University, Northumbria University, the Netherlands Saxon University, Canada Capton University, the United States Villanova University, New York Film Institute, the Hungarian National University, Grenoble, France Institute , University of Western Sydney in Australia, Massey University in New Zealand, Thailand Royal National Cheng Kung University Nanda Royal University, and so on.
ITCMC Management Center has multiple offices and central departments. Across the Asia Pacific, Europe, North America, Central and South America, Australia, the Middle East and other regions.
First, the advantages of ITCMC international talent certification:
(1) The ITCMC certificate is one of the most authoritative international talent certificates proving that it possesses international qualified personnel and professional technical capabilities.
(2) The ITCMC certificate is a kind of common certification both at home and abroad. It is a common certification of training institutions, educational institutions and examination institutions. It has been approved by professional teams of experts both at home and abroad and has a high authority and reference nature.
(3) The ITCMC certificate is a professional standard that meets the requirements of international talents, and proves that it is the most powerful proof of the learning profession, professional practice, professional skills and other learning work;
(4) The ITCMC Advanced Certificate has the qualification accredited by the international authority and can apply for the personnel letter from the International Talent Management Center. This will have great advantages for the students to further their studies and employment.
(5) ITCMC advanced certificate, IELTS study abroad, to the International Center for Talent Management cooperation and exchange of foreign university institutions to study, IELTS TOEFL exemption from English grade threshold, the cooperation of foreign enterprises when using labor permits, is its success Road gold medal! Is a professional international pass!
Second, ITCMC international talent certification project:
Musical instruments, vocal music, dance, martial arts, calligraphy, art, yoga, models, drama, film and television, chess, abacus, Taekwondo, small host, Chinese reading, English reading, fancy basketball, equestrian performances, robot programming, indoor golf And so on skills certification

Third, the results of assessment
1, Application Method: Fill in the printed version of the registration form at the designated training schools, training centers and educational institutions;
2, the registration required to prepare information: electronic version of the hardcopy and photos (one inch large blue color photos), ID card or residence booklet copy or electronic version of the scanned copy.
3, appraisal site certified trainees by ITCMC judges on-site assessment and scoring;
4, the site will be recorded video test, certification by the ITCMC headquarters examination management center, to do the second review, review members by the ITCMC review director;
5, students receive the results, 60 working days to receive ITCMC international certification, ITCMC official website synchronization input ID number and certificate number of their own certificate.