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Studying in England Another "language" you need to master

2017-04-06 19:16:08
Studying in England Another "language" you need to master
We need English to study in the UK. We also need to understand the British football culture. We do not understand English, we do not understand what the British are saying; do not understand football culture, we do not know what fun to Britain. With these two languages, we can stand alone in England.
Greenwich, United Kingdom on April 5, 2017 at 19:45. Newcastle United home - St James' Park.
2016-2017 season The Champions League Newcastle United home match against Burton Albion began.
British crown, not the Premiership, equivalent to the level of our domestic A second-class league. To Newcastle, some bleak, the former English Premier League, Premier League last season (2015-2016 season) into the Championship.
I used to feel that there will not be too many fans to the scene, right? My British colleague G said displeasingly, no, here is Newcastle!
He put it right, the live jubilant song, applause, the live DJ announced to everyone that to accommodate 52,000 people in the UK's sixth largest football stadium St James' Park, there are 48,000 fans today! You know, the total population of the city is no more than 250,000.
The most attractive is the grass turf, smooth, smooth, dense like a huge green carpet. Think about the domestic venue, although the surface of a building a spectacular, and good turf, the country can not find a few pieces, there is a considerable part of the Super team's venues are "vegetable" level. The introduction of the star can easily hundreds of millions, but the court maintenance few people cares about.
Standing on the highest floor (the last row) of the auditorium, look out over the North Sea at the Tyne estuary in the distance. Gull often visit here, they circled around the field, or fall on the huge electronic scoreboard to rest.
Sunset like a red chain, flying in the night fell over St James' Park.
It is said that today is midweek (Wednesday, a week of competition), but did not affect everyone's enthusiasm. The order within the venue, we sing together, chat together, take pictures together, laugh together, football unite the hearts of the city.
At this time the British - regardless of age, regardless of gender, regardless of social class - one by one as if back to the distant innocence childhood.
12 pounds (about 100 yuan) of the tickets, the rankings are okay, football in the United Kingdom is not a nobility, although there is a box of VIP price, overall, compared to the Wimbledon tennis tournament is much cheaper .
Beer and chips, red face and flickering eyes, black and white stripes jersey and black and white texture of the tattoos (black and white pattern is the pattern of the Newcastle United home uniforms), people chew tight before the race, the taste of excitement .
To my surprise, here football is by no means a patent for young people, and the proportion of middle-aged and old fans is very high. Many sitting next to me are a family, men, women and children, come together.
Listen to my British colleague G's introduction. The passion for football is family tradition. Her father was "deadly loyal" to Newcastle United and he also asked G to transfer her passion from Sunderland to Newcastle. The loyalty of the team extends from generation to generation like a heirloom and has become a part of life.
You know, both belong to a county of Newcastle and Sunderland, often staged "Derby in northeast England", is an authentic "rival."
The closer the space is to the enemy, the strategy of "far-away near-offensive" put forward by Fan Guo, a conspirator of the Warring States period during the Warring States period, at least confirms the reality of "near attack" in football. Liverpool and Everton (Liverpool Derby), Manchester United and Manchester City (Manchester Derby), Birmingham and Aston Villa (Birmingham Derby), Arsenal and Tottenham (North London Derby), tit for tat to each other, "you live and die."
After the start of the game, I suddenly felt the British crown speed is far less than the Premier League, Newcastle United suddenly became the style of the Primera Liga - pass control play, obviously feel the opponent is not very strong, but Newcastle side seems to have lost the year Speed advantage, become muddy water.
About 30 minutes in the first half, Newcastle won the penalty opportunity and scored, I jumped up from the seat, but soon, the audience was a noisy, the original referee and the front row whisper for a while, suddenly decided to penalty invalid, Opponent serve croquet? !
The Newcastle players suddenly seem awakened from the original, lifeless rhythm, crazy forced grab, momentum rainbow, and in the second half before 20 consecutive minutes steals, shot, and finally scored a beautiful goal!
At this point almost the entire home team fans - and including me - all jumped up, open arms like blooming flowers, dense full bloom ... ...
British cities are always closely linked with the Premiership team. Mention Newcastle, people always think of Newcastle United, and the team and city hero Alan Shearer.
In 1996, Hiller came to Newcastle United with £ 15 million and set a world record for transfer fees. The New England-born Geordie, who played 31 games and scored 25 goals in the 1996-1997 Premiership in Newcastle, also won the league runner-up in Newcastle United , Became the English super team.
Shearer is a talented striker who played 206 goals in the league in the decade he played for Newcastle and has 260 career goals in the Premiership. So far, no one has seen it, and has scored 31 goals in a single season Game) of the Premier League record.
Skilled, honest and simple, courteous "gentleman player", also received a honorary JD from Newcastle University and Northumbria University.
St James Park stadium contractors British crown game, even still full of people, with "northeast" character Newcastle United, or the city's pride and glory, or talk of life and scenery, or midweek, weekends and the hustle and bustle.
Football is part of British life, and football culture is another language we learn in the UK.
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
UNESCO first proposed that the future world needs talent of global citizenship. Global quality citizens how to define?
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