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What are the preferential policies enjoyed by Chinese students returning to China?

2016-06-30 10:12:39
What are the preferential policies enjoyed by Chinese students returning to China?
In recent years, more and more international students have chosen to return to their home country after completing their studies. So, do you know what preferential policies students can enjoy in finding employment or starting a business in their home country?
According to the different national policies, here we look at China's policy:
First, returning students settled in the policy
Those who have been studying abroad for one year or more and who have the following conditions may apply for the study abroad personnel to apply for the registration in Beijing or other areas:
1. Have a master's degree or above in a foreign country;
2. Those returning from overseas who have gone through formalities of dismissal before going abroad
3. Study abroad for more than one year (360 days or more);
4. Applicants who need to settle down in Beijing need to obtain a master's degree or above in foreign countries and submit all the application materials to the Overseas Education Service Center of the Ministry of Education within two years after they finish their studies;
5. To apply to other capital cities (excluding Shanghai, Shenzhen) settled need college degree or above.
Second, government employment / start-up bonus funding policy
If you are a high-level overseas talent to start a business in Beijing, after the Beijing Overseas Scholars Center organized the assessment of accreditation and selected Beijing overseas talent pooling project, the government will give individuals a reward of 1 million yuan, your business will get the government Funding. Beijing Overseas Scholar Center is responsible for the review in this area, online reporting methods and processes.
Third, preferential policies in business
If you start a business in Beijing, you can go to Zhongguancun Science Park registered enterprises. Zhongguancun Science Park there are many students Pioneering Park, if your business registered capital reached 500,000 yuan and you get a master's degree and above overseas, then your business can enjoy the following benefits:
1. The highest one hundred thousand yuan of grants, most people get 100,000 yuan, a small number of people get 80,000 or 60,000 yuan.
2. Some Pioneer Parks for Foreign Students provide 40 square meters of free office in the first year, charge 60% of the actual rent in the second year and 80% of the actual rent in the third year. Different business students in different specific incentives, you can call each student Pioneer Park details.
3. Through the agency to do the entire registration process of the business, the agency fee of 1,000 yuan, mainly capital verification and engraved official seal, and some students Pioneer Park can reimburse you for this agency fee.
4. You can apply for Ministry of Science and Technology, Beijing SME innovation fund, etc., usually 200,000 -40 million, not every business can apply to.
5. If you are high-end talent, you can apply for "Zhongguancun high-end talent." After the election, will give you a personal 1000000 yuan, may give you another company 1000000 yuan; You can also apply for "thousands of people plan", after the selection of individuals can get 1000000 subsidies and other benefits.
6. In tax, loans, etc. There are some concessions, you can go to the Zhongguancun Science Park website to see.
Fourth, to do academic research policies
If you think of universities, Chinese Academy of Sciences or some research institutes for academic work, you can get the following benefits:
1. On the job title, many people have more titles than one or several grades abroad. Many people are assistant professors in foreign countries. When returning home, they are either professors or associate professors at prestigious universities. Many people start their research projects with more than 1 million of them. However, not every postdoctoral one is an orthodoxy or an associate professor, depending on factors such as the academic background, achievements in science and research, the degree of competition in a university, and the location of the city. When assessing titles, returnees are not limited by their length of service.
2. Other Subsidies: The Chinese Academy of Sciences has a hundred-person plan with a research funding of about 2 million and several hundred thousand housing subsidies. Some colleges not only provide tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of yuan for housing expenses, but also provide housing subsidies. Many universities build their own houses, such as Tsinghua University, can provide housing.
3. Many universities or research institutes also make corresponding arrangements for the work of the families of returnees.
Five, children enrollment preferential policies
In some areas, there are preferential policies for children's enrollment. They are usually arranged by the education department and enrolled in schools. For those who have lived abroad for more than 5 years, they will receive preferential treatment when they enroll in the language adaptation period. Schools in the district that have foreign languages to teach may For free choice.
Six, students to buy tax-free car policy
Application materials: proof of returned overseas students (before returning to the Embassy of China Education Department issued), diploma or study certificate, passport, residence booklet, ID card, "entry and exit personal use application form" (in the account where the customs office, Seal), proof of employment (issued by the service unit).
1. For study and further study, regardless of the public school or at their own expense at the formal universities (colleges), research institutions to study, study for a degree, study business or engage in scientific research and academic exchanges for more than one year;
2 to complete their studies or study after returning to settle within two years;
3. For the first time after graduation or further study, not more than one year;
4. There are duty-free indicators (during the study continuously 180 days outside the calculation of a tax-free index, halfway home stay no more than 1 month can be calculated continuously);
5. Exemption from tariffs on imported parts. This is the duty-free duty-paid manufacturing enterprises in the import of spare parts tariffs on the returned overseas students exempt from this part of the tariff, the enterprise can apply for customs tax rebates;
6. The return of foreign students to buy duty-free vehicles, specifically, means that they can eliminate the import duty and vehicle purchase tax (about 11.7% of the vehicle price) in the auto parts purchased. In general, the contract between the two will account for the entire vehicle price Of the 15%.
Due to the import and export of parts involved in the tax rebate and the purchase of additional tax exemption, so to buy tax-free domestic cars to handle:
1. Automobile production customs procedures, direct purchase to the factory and handle the transport procedures, the use of vehicles to extract procedures, the use of invoices business verification and exemption from the purchase of additional tax procedures, inspection vehicles, the license procedures.
2. Ranging from place to place, cumbersome procedures will give car buyers a lot of inconvenience. Applicants can get in touch with the tax-free car brokerage agents, commissioned by the agency to do related matters until the extraction of duty-free vehicles, charge d'affaires vary by agency 。

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