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Why our children need international education

2006-08-16 14:17:07
One thing we can not but admit that today's employment situation is completely different from that of the 20th century.
At the end of the last century, who can get a degree from a prestigious university is an iron rice bowl. He can have a high-status job in a unit for a lifetime, and retire at the age of 60 with a pension. But now our children even if the elite graduate, the success of the work can not be guaranteed.
Now and in the future, if you want your job to succeed, you can not do without a person's ability to adjust, adjust their ability and be able to work as a lifelong learner. Because of his current choice of professional, may not exist in a decade, the original work was replaced by a computer, he must re-learn.
Why is international education valued?
What are the preferential policies enjoyed by Chinese students returning to China?
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