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Why is international education valued?

2010-10-28 14:20:15
Parents pay more and more attention to educating their children on international education. This is not only the peculiar tendency of Chinese parents, but also presents this obvious trend on a global scale.
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According to some reports, parents and schools in many countries led by the United States nowadays want their children to be baptized in a multi-cultural manner and possess diverse competitiveness. Many American researchers have found that if American students have some knowledge of Chinese and even had exchange or internship experiences in China, they are obviously the obvious advantages for them to apply for a prestigious undergraduate or job search. This is also the reason why foreign students have come to China to experience and exchange one after another in recent years.
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"Parents in the United States see the rise of China and believe they have a place to play in the future international competition, and their children must have as many links with China as possible," said Dr Liu, who studies sociology. At her side, children from American white families are even willing to pay thousands of dollars to learn a few Chinese lessons.
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These American parents are contemplating the global globalization of the 21st century. The major problems we face in the future, major dangers, are not the major problems of our country, but global issues that we must face jointly across countries. This generation of our children must do so to solve the problem before humanity can survive. Chinese parents who believe in wisdom must also think so.
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It is for this reason that parents find it beneficial to have their children educated globally.
UNESCO first proposed that the future world needs talent of global citizenship. Global quality citizens how to define?
Why our children need international education
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