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Travel with Parents

2018-01-01 10:11:58
Nowadays, with long holidays at hand, traveling has become a new trend for us to relax ourselves outside work. Some people even had made a plan for it a long time before the holiday begins. They usually travel with good friends or travel along; only few people take their parents into travel plan. However, I think it is high time for us to travel with parents.

In the first place, we should spend more time with parents. According to research, if we come home 5 days a year, spend 4 hours a day with parents, it would be less than 300 hours of 30 years, which means 25 days. We could see it now that there is not much time for us to spend with our parents after we go to work or have our own family. Hence, we should travel with our parents.

In the second place, parents used to took us to travel when we were young, why don’t we take them as return when we are capable to do that. It is not the matter of we are set free from parents, we are not a traitorous teenager anymore, and we have time and money, of course we should take a trip with parents. Holiday would be a good time for us to travel with parents, just like the old time.

To summarize, we should make a plan for parents in holiday. Holiday is a great gift for us and our parents.
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